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Third Prize of 2011 Patent Implementation Award

Excellent results also from the other side to prove that boda products by industry leaders, experts and users highly agree with, For the boda brand strategy has laid a solid foundation

2011 Tax Hundred Strong

2011-2012 Harmonious Labor Management unit

2011 Boda Industry Tax Credit rating-线上葡京娱乐场

2011 Annual Labor Management Trustworthy unit

High-Tech Enterprise certificate

2012 Patent Implementation Third Prize

2012 Annual Tax Hundred strong-新葡萄京娱乐的网址-澳门新葡8455

2012 key Backbone Enterprises in Yongkang

2012 Science and Technology Award

2012 Science and Technology Award

2013 Lithium Electric Drill science and technology prize

2015 High-tech enterprises

Province Famous trademark

Research on provincial high-tech enterprises

2017 Yongkang Government Quality Award

2017 Tax Hundred strong

2017 Innovative Model SMEs

2017 Yongkang Government Quality Award-www.xpj258.com

Provincial famous brand products